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Mount Nebo, on the Passing of Adi Garfunkel.

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There was a joke Adi told, one of many, (the twinkle in his eye, the cadence of a beloved story-teller) of Moses wandering the desert for 40 years, destined to never reach the Promised Land. Something about Jews being bad with directions.

We all laughed but knew, as Adi surely did, that it is never about the destination and always about the journey.

The parts of Adi’s journey that we knew:

A man of several wars, who lived in peace.

A man who understood bone-cold suffering like an unraveled cloth, but could sew it back together to make a coat for you.  Or you. Or you.

A consummate intellectual who could kibbitz with the poorest of men, and always in their own language, the universal language of love.

A humanitarian who, instead of becoming smaller and meaner with petty regrets, looked ever-outward with the largest of large hearts.

A lover of humanity, of his family, of his friends and colleagues, of his patients.

The Promised Land is the one Adi made on his own hard-won and magical journey. A journey that included all of us. That’s why we know Adi lives forever.

Patricia McKinney Perkins, Attorney, USA
Dan Perkins, CEO AEGIS Publications

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