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I mourn the loss of my dear friend, Adi Garfunkel

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Adi was a natural leader who gave his every effort to improving the field of Dental Medicine in Israel.  It was my privilege to know Adi since 1964 and our relationship was a blessing.  He was a wonderful role model for young academicians and those students who sat at his feet realized that he was very special.  He took several sabbaticals in Philadelphia and he was always missed when he had to leave.  The School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem was fortunate to have him as a student, faculty member and Dean.  His efforts on behalf of the school helped raise it to the top level in the world of dental education. 

I was introduced to Adi by Dean Ino Sciaky in 1964 and from that time on we were like brothers.  He was a constant student who yearned to learn more about his field of Oral Medicine.  When some Penn students took their 6 weeks rotation at the Hebrew University-Hadassah hospital they were spellbound by Adi.  He influenced many students, faculty and friends in a very positive manner. 

I felt privileged to greatly benefited from his love and caring. Adi made many important contributions to the field of Oral Medicine and he continued to teach till the end.  His loss will leave a void that will not be filled since he was such a rare and beloved individual. 

I will always remember ADI with great admiration, and affection and I am grateful for the time I was together with him. 

Prof. D. Walter Cohen

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